The Falling of Woman

Everybody knows that story of how God created the world. It seems to be almost essential to know this story to understand a large quantity of literary pieces throughout history. As seen in our extension exercise last week, ‘A’ brings up thoughts on Apples which lead us to think of Eve and the ‘mistake’ that she made that caused the ‘fall of man’.  Yet there are other creation stories in history. The story of  Marge, the Curious Woman involved the fall of (wo)man. The creation of earth began with the fall of Marge. Now this fall was not a fall from good; obeying God, to bad; eating from the Tree of Knowledge, but was a literal fall. It was a fall from an ancient world into Earth, yet it was still a fall and it was a woman that caused this fall, similar to the story where Eve causes the fall of man. King also takes the literal falling of man in the stories of the four women. He seems to mix these two stories by having First Woman fall from the sky and float on grandmother Turtle until she finds the garden that God created.

Unlike the biblical story of Adam and Eve, woman plays a positive role in the creation of the Earth and humankind. It is ‘Marge’ who convinces the sea animals to dive deep down in search of mud and it is Marge who gives birth to the twins that help shape the mud and add trees and rivers. In the story of Adam and Eve it is God who creates Adam and Adam who has his rib taken to form Eve. Even in the title ‘Adam and Eve’ it is Adam’s name that appears first. Do you ever hear someone talk about the story of Eve and Adam? No. It is always Adam and Eve. This creation story begins my setting up our world as a misogynistic and patriarchal.

The creation story of Marge instead begins the world with a woman. In a way this makes more sense to the way that children are born today. We do not start out with a man who births children, as Adam seems to do when Eve is created, but rather see Marge giving birth to children, the same way that females have do in every species. It is also not a punishment to Marge that she is pregnant and has to go through the ‘pains of childbirth’, but rather something that is natural. It is not even something that she constantly worries about, but instead focuses on her hunger or her curiosity.  Today becoming pregnant is usually seen as a good thing, completely reversing its intentions in the story of Adam and Eve, where childbirth is meant to be a punishment to Eve for disobeying God. The creation of people in the story Adam and Eve was a punishment to Eve, not something of creativity and fun as it is portrayed when people are created out of mud in the story of the Curious Woman.


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