Should we begin Again?

So the end of English 222 is here. If we followed Green Grass Running Water we would just simply begin again right? I think that if given the choice, I would take this course from the beginning again. I really enjoyed the beginning of the course. The idea of beginning again is great because we get to find out the things that we missed the first time around.

Looking for allusions in Canadian literature has helped me to realize just how hidden Canadian history is. Sure we get the bits and pieces that make Canada look good, but there are always pieces missing and in order to get the full story, we must search for them. While reading Thomas Kings’ book I have learnt to not simply accept the version of a story that is given to us, but to look for other meaning behind it. For instance many times in class people assumed that First Woman was Eve, instead of letting her be her own character. Many have accepted the story of Adam and Eve as being THE creation story and instead of looking for new creations stories we accept the one that has been told to us. The same can be said for Canadian history and literature. I have learnt that many have accepted the European or Euro-Canadian version of history  and because they simply accept it they do not go searching for other versions of Canadian literature and history. I believe that after finishing this course I have become someone who is not going to simply accept the stories that have been given to me and will instead look deeper into Canada and find out what other aspects of Canada that have been hidden.

I hope everyone else enjoyed looking for Canadian allusions as much as I did!