Hi everyone! I’m Jessica. I’ve lived in Canada for my entire life, but at times I feel like I know so little about Canada. I am hoping through Engl 222 that I can learn more about the history of Canada and its culture through the eyes of a variety of different writer from a variety of different time periods. I also feel like the literature of Canada is not as well known as literature from other areas of the world and would like to explore it more to see the treasures that Canada has brought to the world of literature.

When I initially picked this section of Engl 222 with Professor Paterson I chose it because it was the one that best fit into my schedule and after looking into how she will be teaching I am extremely pleased that this is the one that fit. This course seems to be so different from the other courses I’ve taken at UBC. It is always interesting to try learning in a new way. Writing a blog and using Facebook for a class will be a whole new experience for me and I am excited (and a little nervous) about it. I am also taking this course because it will fulfill the Canadian studies credit needed to get into the Faculty of Education.

* Update* Now that we have started into the class a little, I also think it will be interesting to look for all the allusions and to see what one  allusion means to one person, but also means an entirely different thing to another.

This is a picture I took I Hope B.C. I see an elephant’s eye. What do you see?

This compare/ contrast of what we see in the novel is something I hope that the allusions will provide.

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